Excellent Service

I wanted to thank you for providing excellent service that resulted in a successful real estate transaction for my San Diego property. I just want to say “Thank you!”

Thank you for all your hard work on selling this property…from my perspective you worked your magic an made everything happen, especially in a “hard to sell” market, with buyers often challenged with obtaining loans! I think there was a difficult task at hand, not only with the real estate market the way it is, but also working with clients that are going through a tough personal transition in their life. Divorce is not fun for anyone involved, no matter how amicable it may appear on the outside, there are some very sensitive moments that arise during the real estate transaction process that you handled extremely professionally. I can only imagine it must have been difficult considering each of our individual needs and perspectives, as your clients. All moments that I had concerns because of the sensitive nature of my situation, you said, “I’ll take care of it!” and you did! That is worth its weight in gold for a trusting client-service relationship. I had so many questions along the way of this process, and you always had an answer…and if you did not know immediately, you said you would find out and you did! Also, your help on property advise for clean-up and staging was invaluable- I am convinced that your expertise and perseverance of selling this property was the winning combination of this sale.

I just want to express a huge “thanks”….you deserve every bit of the real estate transaction commission…I am happy that you were my real estate agent to help me through the transaction to completion. I would recommend your services to all that ask me if I know a “great real estate” agent in the San Diego area! Again, thank you!


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